I'm Jon Wolter. I draw. When I'm not being lazy. Help me not be lazy.


Some really shaky animation I made

This is my Christmas card I made for Ali using one of the rigs from my animation class. I didn’t get the idea until about a week before, and it needs some serious timing, spacing, and general adjustments of the curves throughout. But considering how little time I had, and how little experience I’ve had with even moderately complex rigs, I’m pretty proud of it.

Over on the Twitters, @TheOtherJeff asked “WTF is an Octonaut?” This is my best guess.

Over on the Twitters, @TheOtherJeff asked “WTF is an Octonaut?” This is my best guess.

Hey, here are some more of those animation class assignments:





I haven’t posted here a lot, but I swear I’ve been drawing sometimes. I’ve been taking a 3D animation course, so most of my drawing has been either arcane thumbnails or, in this case, poses for assignments. I decided I might as well put them up. Maybe I’ll post some of my actual videos later, but they’re still really boring things like bouncing balls and pendulums right now.

And now some TL;DR:

1. The first two are just random sketches of activity. I ended up not using the capoeira ones, and instead trying to model the one of my son. The rig wasn’t really suited for that. Oh well.

2. The second two are “excitement.” I chose to try doing my wife’s impression of her mother getting good news. That was foolishly oversubtle for the rig. Oy.

3. The last two are “devastation,” and I think I’m finally getting the hang of the rig’s limitations. Also, though its not part of the assignment, I think my lighting is getting better.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing, for the zero people who read this.

Some quick pose sketches for an animation class. Some are from a workout DVD, the others are my son. I am out of practice when it comes to drawing from life. Big time.

franzferdinand2 asked
What are the foods you miss most from the Charleston area? What is the racism you miss least from the Charleston area?

The foods I miss most are seafood based. I especially miss oyster roasts, shrimp and grits, and she-crab soup. Most of the rest of the foods are things I can replicate easily at home.

As far as the racism, sadly I can still find most of it everywhere I go.

flexfantastic asked
Not including Bossa Nova Baby in an Elvis Top 5? You got some kinda brain thing CUZ THAT SONG IS ALL ELVIS ALL THE TIME BABY

Bah. It’s no “Kissing Cousins.”

koltreg asked
do you ever think about banana bread?

I do. Usually quite fondly.

franzferdinand2 asked
What are the five best Elvis songs?

In countdown order:

5. “Blue Moon” (No, not “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” though that makes the top 10 easily) - Creepy, atmospheric, and if it hasn’t been used as the background music for a bleak travelogue film across the badlands, indie filmmakers have let me down.

4. “Burning Love” - This song gets joked about a lot, but it is a perfectly constructed song about consummating the physical act of lovemaking, as sung by a pudgy man in a jumpsuit.

3. “Mystery Train” - One of the greatest songs of the dawn of the Rock’n’Roll era. Throbbing, pulsating, mysterious, and rocking.

2. “Polk Salad Annie” - Sleazy swamp music. Just a pure joy to listen to and sing along with.

1. “Suspicious Minds” - Just an IMMENSE song. So crucial. Especially the TCB Band live versions with multiple fadeouts. I could listen to about an hour of those fade-ins and outs without getting tired of it.

As you can see, my two favorite eras for The King are his Sun years and his Early, Still Relatively Slim, Jumpsuit years. And I feel like I left off dozens of great songs from both, as well as his other peaks of Early RCA years, Immediately Post Army, and even some of the highlights of his lesser Movie years and Fat Jumpsuit years.